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Moon Essence, LLC

Acutonics Ohm® Octave Set

Acutonics Ohm® Octave Set

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The Ohm Octave provides a perfect balance between the Middle and Low Ohm Tuning Forks, containing one of each. The Acutonics Ohm® Octave shares many healing attributes and characteristics with the Ohm Unison, but is also an excellent way to balancing hyper-energy, and provide support for menopause and perimenopausal symptoms, as well as energetic transition of movement from one state into another. Learn more about Acutonics Ohmworks® Tools for Self Care.

Includes Middle Ohm Tuning Fork, Low Ohm Tuning Fork, instructions, and storage pouch.

For easy activation, pair with Acutonics Belted Acuvator or Acutonics Table Top Acuvator.
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