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Asteroid Vesta

Asteroid Vesta

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Vesta - Goddess of the Hearth and Temple, Wise Woman and Maiden Aunt (Virgin Goddess)
Alternative Name: Hestia
Associated Planet: Pluto (Mars in the more ancient rulership)
Feminine Archetype: Medium/Hetaira
Color: Pastel Orange
Element: Fire
Jungian Function: Intuition
Feminine Function: Self-renewal and regeneration, inner union with self
Woman's Relationship: Sister
Woman's Stereotype: Old maid, spinster, workaholic, priest, nun

Keywords: Illumination, warmth rituals and fire, linking old home with new, continuity and relatedness, shared consciousness and common identity, unification, focus, going inward meditation, inner perspective, participating in time, the hidden, religious communities, non-rivalries, wholeness, non-attachment, inner centeredness, spiritual centeredness, an connectedness with others, spiritual bonds, patience.

Alternative Modes of Expression: Commitment ot a cause, idea belief system (apart from family responsibilities); spiritual/devotional paths; acknowledging value and active practice of periodic retreat from outer world; liberation from sexual inhibitions/complexes; working on the "self" - health/fitness integration.
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