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Moon Essence, LLC

Nibiru Middle Fork

Nibiru Middle Fork

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Nibiru represents evolution, help us to initiate profound changes on a deep spiritual level, that are based on the principles of love and interconnectivity. Providing support when we are at a crossroads in our lives, and helping us to recognize our true calling so that we can understand the flow of time, cycles, repetitions, and the lessons of lifetimes. Its approximate note is E and its Zodiacal Rulership is Libra.

Ohm/Nibiru Interval: Take those feelings that are accessed to a crossing point where our human self sees the gods and goddesses and the potential connection. It seeks to merge the human/god balance.

Themes & Keywords: Change, emotional longing, roots and origins, restoration

Energetics: Helps us be aware of our weakness so that we can restore balance
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