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Moon Essence, LLC

Pluto Middle Hand Chime

Pluto Middle Hand Chime

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Color: Black
Approximate Musical Note: C#
Zodiacal Rulership: Scorpio
Character: Transformation

"Pluto represents the last frontier, the underworld, hidden riches, the deep and mysterious.

Themes & Keywords: Death, rebirth, depths of the unconscious, shadow-self, toxicity, sex, sexuality and sexual issues, power, the underworld, hidden riches, the deep and the mysterious, polarity, karmic and earthly origins

Energetics: Growth and transcendence through conflict. Breaks down the old into its component parts, only to reassemble them on a new higher octave. Pluto rules the raising of Kundalini, the major driving power of this ongoing process.

Ohm and Pluto create a microtone that is highly dissonant and penetrating.

Pluto Middle Hand Chime, 12.5-inch length"
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