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Moon Essence, LLC

Venus Middle Hand Chime

Venus Middle Hand Chime

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Color: Rose Pink
Approximate Musical Note: A
Zodiacal Rulership: Taurus/Libra
Character: Relationship

"Venus represents love, sensuality, the female principle, harmony and attraction.

Themes & Keywords: Affection, appreciation, devotion, need to be desired, relating, eros, harmony, balance and proportion, love and beauty, refinement, aesthetics, the arts, sexuality (the yin aspect), sensuality and sensuousness, sense of values and taste, concern for justice, generosity of spirit, sharing with others

Energetics: Increases our awareness of others, brings beauty, harmony, creativity and abundance, while opening us up to the power and potential of relationship

Ohm and Venus create a 6th with both a building and nourishing quality.

Venus Middle Hand Chime, 10-inch length"
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