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Moon Essence, LLC

XL-Belted Acuvator

XL-Belted Acuvator

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Either a Belted Acuvator (shown) or a Tabletop Acuvator is needed for all Acutonics® classes


"Specially designed to activate and maximize vibration of your Acutonics Tuning Forks, the Belted Acuvator is worn on the leg just above the knee. The adjustable strap fits comfortably to the body. Created for practitioners who work around a table, it moves with you! Designed to eliminate wear and tear on your body, it also helps minimize noise when striking the tuning forks.

Size: Strap is 27" long, with buckles added measures to 23 inches.

Direction For Use:
Hold your tuning fork on the flat section just below the prongs, but above the stem. Place your thumb on the flat side (over the Acutonics logo), and place your forefinger on the other side. The stem will rest in your palm behind the third and fourth fingers. Relax your fingers and wrist, and strike the color-coded weighted end of fork at a slight angle against the Acutonics Acuvator. The ribbed edge of only one of the rounded weights needs to make contact with the Acuvator. The fork does not need to be hit hard but the more solid the hit, the longer the vibration will be sustained.

Please do not strike forks directly on your body! Striking forks on walls or furniture is also discouraged."

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